The Croxby Way - Our Curriculum - Implementation

Observing ‘The Croxby Way’ in the classroom you will see children acquiring and applying knowledge, children working together and taking calculated risks. 

The ‘Croxby Way’ curriculum: 

  • enthuses our children with an innovative and imaginative curriculum that drives learning;  
  • creates opportunities that develop investigative, creative and practical skills for all; 
  • develops children’s teamwork skills; 
  • develops children’s problem solving skills; 
  • develops children’s metacognition skills; 
  • encourages risk taking; 
  • increases the children’s knowledge base:

Curriculum Overview

Medium Term Plans

Knowledge Organiser Autumn - All about me
Knowledge Organiser Autumn - Discovering Autumn

Year 1
Autumn - Roam around Britain
Spring - Life beside the sea
Summer - Our changing planet

Knowledge Organiser Autumn - Roam around Britain
Knowledge Organiser Spring - Life beside the Sea

Year 2
Autumn - Fire! Fire!
Spring - Jet set go!
Summer - Time machine

Knowledge Organiser Autumn - Fire! Fire!
Knowledge Organiser Spring - Jet, Set, Go!

Year 3
Autumn - The Vikings are here
Spring - Back to the 80's
Summer - Tomb raider

Knowledge Organiser Autumn - Vikings
Knowledge Organiser Spring - Back to the 80s!

Year 4
Autumn - Scavengers and settlers
Spring - Scrumdidilyumptious
Summer - Groovy Greeks

Knowledge Organiser Autumn - Scavengers and settlers
Knowledge Organiser Spring - Scrumdiddlyumptious

Year 5
Autumn - Let the games begin!
Spring - Mundus Novus
Summer - To infinity and beyond

Knowledge Organiser Autumn - Let the games begin!
Knowledge Organiser Spring - Mundus Novus

Year 6
Autumn - Conflict
Spring - Earth S.O.S.

Knowledge Organiser Autumn - Conflict
Knowledge Organiser Spring - Earth S.O.S.