Vision and Values

Our vision at Croxby is to deliver a curriculum with a balance of knowledge and skills, which enables all of our children to achieve their full potential, academically, socially and emotionally through delivering world-class pedagogy, feedback and nurture. 

Team Croxby Values
At Croxby, we believe values are something important to us, something beneficial and something that develops us. Visit our academy, and you will see our values in action.

  • You will see us working hard and being nice.
  • You will see us developing our 5 Rs (Resilience, Readiness, Reflective, Respectful and Resourceful).
  • You will see us enjoying an enhanced curriculum.
  • You will see us building a 'Team Croxby' community.
  • You will see us developing scholastic endeavour and nurturing the success.

If you believe it cannot be done, please do not visit our Academy, as we are busy doing it....