The Croxby Way - Our Curriculum


Our vision at Croxby is to deliver a curriculum with a balance of knowledge, concepts, values and skills, which will enable all our children to achieve their academic, social and emotional potential. 

The development of the ‘Croxby Way’ curriculum has led to a thoughtful, reflective emphasis on curriculum intent and to a refinement in approaches to implementation.  The ‘Croxby Way’ curriculum intends to meet the individual needs of the children who attend Croxby.  

Our curriculum embraces the community from which it exists, offering an excellent education underpinned by a broad, culturally rich and powerful curriculum to ensure that all pupils are well equipped for the next stages in their education. We constantly provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning and to celebrate and develop the individual talents of our pupils, recognising everyone as unique with their own ambitions, talents and dreams. We aim to provide an environment that encourages lifelong learning. This is reflected in the achievements celebrated through our ‘Graduate Award’ scheme.  

Community involvement is also an important part of our curriculum. Children leave Croxby with a sense of belonging to a tightly knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions and take calculated risks, work collaboratively and be respectful, make connections and become lifelong learners. 


We follow the CUSP curriculum to teach history, geography, science, art, and DT. For these subjects there are considered medium term plans that ensure children benefit from a progressive sequence of subject knowledge gains that build over time and develop vocabulary acquisition.  Each topic is supported by a well-designed knowledge organiser, which are supplemented by knowledge notes for individual lessons and regular low threat quizzes to support retrieval practice.   

At Croxby, we understand the importance of feedback, both adult and peer. This is an integral part of learning in the classrooms where you will see children regularly working collaboratively supporting each other and providing feedback, whilst teachers skilfully use verbal feedback to enable children to progress and secure learning. 


Our curriculum is carefully planned to build on prior knowledge and skills with each lesson having clear learning objectives which focuses on key knowledge, vocabulary and skills to be acquired. Day‐to‐day, on-going assessment is a crucial method of assessment which provides instant feedback to the teacher and ensures progress within every lesson. In addition, the use of low threat quizzes using Kahoot provides a clear picture of their level of understanding and, ensures that teachers can use this information to inform planning for subsequent lessons. 

 The quality of work produced is checked regularly. Subject leaders organise progression tasks yearly for their subjects and look at every piece of work produced in each class. The progression tasks demonstrate how the learning progresses from one year to the next and can be found below.