The Croxby Way - Our Curriculum

Our vision at Croxby is to deliver a curriculum with a balance of knowledge and skills, which will enable all our children to achieve their academic, social and emotional potential.

From September 2017, curriculum development has been a focus for Croxby – we have dedicated a huge amount of leadership time and energy in redesigning the curriculum.  The development of the ‘Croxby Way’ curriculum has led to a thoughtful, reflective emphasis on curriculum intent and to a refinement in approaches to implementation.  The ‘Croxby Way’ curriculum meets the needs of the children who attend Croxby. 

The previous curriculum led to children remembering experiences rather than retaining a core knowledge to secure success.  Children worked individually leading to a dearth of team skills that they require. The children were passively working within their comfort zone, which led to a fear of taking risks. Lack of knowledge and vocabulary was also hindering the children at the end of their key stage reading assessments. 

We have implemented medium term plans that ensure children benefit from a progressive sequence of subject knowledge gains that build over time.  Each plan is supported by a well-designed knowledge organiser, which are supplemented by regular low threat quizzes.  We have developed a comprehensive vocabulary list, which is taught in each year group, throughout the academy, to deepen vocabulary knowledge. 

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and is designed to meet the needs of our children at Croxby.