At Croxby Primary, we view the safeguarding of our children to be of paramount importance and believe that all our children have the right to be safe, happy and learn. Everyone who works in, volunteers at or visits our school has a responsibility to make this happen.

We will ensure that;

  • The welfare of all of our children remains paramount at all times.
  • All suspicions and concerns raised regarding safeguarding matters will be taken seriously, and our response will be swift and appropriate.
  • All adults working or volunteering at our school will be made aware of our school’s safeguarding arrangements and the importance of reporting any concerns to the appropriate people.

Key Safeguarding Contacts:

If you have safeguarding concerns about any pupils or adults in the academy, you may wish to contact one of the following adults;

 Mrs C Neighbour – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs K Mason - Deputy Designed Safeguarding Lead

Mrs R Wright - Deputy Designed Safeguarding Lead

Mrs H Burton - Child Protection Coordinator 

If you would prefer you may wish to speak to the school’s Chair of Governors (Mr D Shaw) or Designated Safeguarding Governor (Mr C Ayre) who can be contacted via the school’s contact details.

If you have any safeguarding concerns about a member of staff in the school you may wish to speak to the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO). The School’s LADOs are Jayne Hammill and Siobhon Bath. Both can be contacted on 01482 396999

If you have a concern about a child or adult at the school and would like to speak to someone not linked to the school, or it is a time when the school is not open you could ring one of the following numbers.

East Riding Safeguarding and Partnership Hub 01482 395500 or 01482 393939 (out of office hours)

Hull Safeguarding Children Partnership 01482 448879 or 01482 300304 (out of office hours)

If you have immediate concerns about a child’s safety you must phone the police on 999.

The following links will take you to the school’s relevant policies and documents regarding our safeguarding procedures within the school.

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