Requesting an Absence from School

Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances  - Information for Parents

You are required under the Education Act (1996) to ensure your child attends school regularly. There is, however, a discretionary power held by Headteachers to authorise absence in exceptional circumstances. Please note this is not an entitlement. The Headteacher will only authorise absence in line with the East Riding Behaviour & Attendance Partnership ‘Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances’ Policy.

Headteachers will not authorise absences if they believe it is to the detriment of a child’s education. Please note that supporting documents to aid decision-making must be submitted at the time of your request for absence. There is no longer a provision in law for head teachers to authorise an absence for the purpose of a term-time holiday. A term-time holiday is not an exceptional circumstance.

Term-time holiday requests
Email providing your child's full name and the absence dates.  Term time holidays will not be authorised under any circumstances.

If your request is authorised, you are required to ensure your child catches up with any missed school work. This is your responsibility. Schools are not obliged to provide work for your child to complete. Any unauthorised absence will be recorded on your child’s attendance records. This may result in legal proceedings against you, either through a Penalty Notice or the Magistrates’ Court.

Leave of absence will not be authorised if your child’s attendance percentage is below 95%. Leave of absence will not be granted during the month of September for any child, the month of May for Year 6 and Year 2, and the month of June for Year 1 or Year 4. 

We will also not authorise early collections without supporting evidence.

Please complete the form below and email including your supporting documents - please ensure you refer to the information for parents/carers below, before submitting an absence request.

Absence from school for exceptional circumstances request form

Information for parents/carers 

Supporting Document Information 

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