Meet the Team

Staff Position Name
Head Mr D M Waterson
Assistant Head - Teaching and Learning Mrs K Mason
Assistant Head - Standards Mr M Copley
English Leader Mr R Hill
Designated Teacher SENDCO/DSL Mrs C Neighbour
Teaching staff  
EYFS Ducks Miss J Rehman
Year 1 Pandas Mrs C Neighbour / Mrs C Oldale
Year 2 Lions Mrs K Dooley / Mrs R Wright
Year 2 Zebras Mrs H Rushton
Year 3 Tigers Miss V Brunton / Mrs C James
Year 3 Bees Miss A Hickey
Year 4 Penguins Mr R Hill / Mrs S Skerrett
Year 4 Meerkats Mrs M Sykes
Year 5 Flamingos Miss L Jessney
Year 5 Giraffes Miss A Cox
Year 6 Eagles Mrs L Lindsay / Mrs S Skerrett
Year 6 Leopards Mrs K Mason / Mr M Copley
Teaching Assistants  
Intervention Assistant Mrs R Akam
Intervention Assistant Mrs C Austin
Reading Champion Mrs A Brogden
EYFS Mrs H Burton
One to One Support Mrs T Gray
Intervention Assistant Mrs J Harrison
HLTA Mrs C Oldale
One to One Support Mrs D Ramsden
Intervention Assistant Mrs S Shaw
HLTA Mrs M Skerrett
Administration Team  
Attendance/Child Protection Coordinator Mrs N Moore
Finance/Admin Officer Mrs B Rowson
Senior Administrator/PA to SLT/Data Protection Link Mrs J Truran
Catering Team  
Cook Mrs S Miller
Catering Assistant Mrs J Davis
Catering Assistant Mrs N Simpson
Catering Assistant Mrs A Nesfield
Mid-day Supervisors  
Mrs A Brogden  
Miss K Beales  
Miss K Bell  
Mrs S Broadbent  
Mr W Brogden  
Mrs A Neal  
Mrs D Roe  
Caretaker Mr B Donnelly
Mrs M Miller  
Mrs S Lincoln  
Mrs J Cawkwell