Medication and Medical Appointments

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Medication in School

In line with the Trust's policy on ‘Supporting Learners with Medical Conditions’ and a recent review of Health and Safety advice, we would like to inform parents of the following details. This information may differ from recent practices in school, but under the new guidance this will be how we move forward.

When a learner requires medication that is prescribed by a doctor for a long-term medical need, such as an inhaler, an Individual Health Care Plan needs to be filled in. This form can be obtained by speaking to a member of staff. A conversation will take place making sure all details are covered and recorded accordingly.

When a learner requires medication that is prescribed by a doctor for a short-term medical need, such as antibiotics, a medicine form needs to be filled in. This electronic form can be emailed to you or downloaded below. We can only administer this medicine during the school day when the prescription is for 4 times a day or more. This will be administered once during the school day and must be spaced as evenly as possible over a 24-hour period.

When a learner requires Calpol or any other over-the-counter medication, we request that a parent/carer/relation administers this to the learner by attending the school.  This needs to be agreed with the school in advance via the office email.

Learners with medical/attendance plans and learners with SEND who need medication are not affected by this change.

Please see link to Supporting Learners with Medical Conditions Policy here

Children attending Wrap Around Care - If your child requires prescribed medication 3 times a day and is attending Breakfast Club and/or After School Club, we can administer this once, during the school day.  This needs to be agreed with the school in advance via the office email.  This does not apply if your child is attending a Croxby Activity Club or a First Steps Club.

Please note: Throat lozenges are not permitted in school.

Sun cream, unless specifically prescribed, is not considered a ‘medication’ and therefore, the school will consider and manage the risk associated with exposure to the sun as part of their overall risk assessment process.

Please click on the link below to download the form, or request a copy via the office email.

Medication Form

Medical Appointments

Medical Appointments (Hospital, Doctors, Dentists, Opticians etc)

Please try to avoid arranging doctors, dentists and similar appointments during school hours. Where this is not possible, you will be required to provide an appointment card or letter from the practice. This should be emailed to in advance - clearly stating the time of collection or approximate time of return.

Collection for medical appointments is via the main entrance - no collections/returns are available over lunchtime as the office is closed.

Absence relating to medical appointments will not be authorised without supporting evidence. This also applies if collecting early for an appointment which relates to someone other than the child.