Graduate Awards

At Croxby, we strive to ensure that our children have a thirst for knowledge and an exceptional grasp of basic skills. To encourage scholarship and a love for learning, we introduced Graduate Awards in early 2019. This scheme allows children across all year groups to strive for success and direct their own learning. 

Each week, teachers will select a topic from our vast bank of resources; this choice will be related to their in-academy learning or simply be an area of interest requested by the children. Pupils are encouraged to revise for their Graduate using the resources below. Every Friday, pupils will be given the opportunity to complete one quiz within the academy.

A class code (provided by the teacher) is typed into and children take a 5 question, retrieval style test. If they pass, and therefore ‘graduate’, they will receive a badge which they can wear on their school uniform with pride. These badges equate to progressive levels:

  • 1 graduate pass – blue badge
  • 5 blue badges can be traded for a bronze badge.
  • 10 blue badges (or two bronze, or 1 bronze and 5 blue) can be traded for a silver badge.
  • 15 blue badges (or the equivalent number of bronze and silver) can be traded for a gold badge.
  • 45 badges (or the equivalent number of bronze, silver and gold) can be traded for Croxby’s coveted Diamond Award trophy.

The section below shows you the subjects the children can study. Any suggestions for new Graduate Awards, for revision tips or if a child would like to write and submit their own, please speak to their class teacher. We tweet each week (@CroxbyPrimary) announcing how many new Graduates have been earned by our fantastic children.