Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

It is always an exciting and anxious time, in equal measure, when a child starts school. Here at Croxby Primary we recognise that and do all we can to ensure that children (and parents/carers!) feel as welcomed and familiar with their new surroundings as possible.

Our partnership with Cottingham Children’s Centre and other pre-school providers support families in making the transition to our school. Our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions mean that children and families get to know the staff and their environment as well as key information about starting school.

We operate an early admission programme which means that children begin school in the term after which they are four and this usually means they begin full time in September of the academic year.

If you feel that a more bespoke package is required for your family, then please contact Mrs Mason as soon as possible. 

The Early Years environment is a truly magical place to be. Our children are immersed in learning from the moment they enter the door. Children take part in a variety of directed teaching sessions, such as phonics and maths. Additionally, children have independent exploration time to cement their learning and build relationships with their peers. 

At Croxby, we realise that every child is unique and every cohort of children is different. We plan and build on children's prior learning and design a curriculum suited to the cohort's needs. Our learning is progressive, and our routines will change throughout the year to support children's growth. 

If you would like to find out more about what children learn in the Early Years at Croxby, please follow the link below. 

Early Years at Croxby