Phonics, Reading and the National Curriculum


Phonics and Reading.

Phonic sessions take place everyday for 20 minutes in EYFS and 30 minutes in KS1. Phonics is taught in ability set groups and follows the Phonics Phases as appropriate to the grouping and year group. The aim is that children will be capable of reading fluently and spelling accurately by the end of year 2. In KS2 phonics continues to be taught implicitly through the daily spelling activity, some children who continue with the phonics phases will work in small group interventions.  The school follows the letters and sounds programme.

Daily Guided Reading sessions take place with all pupils in years 1-6. Reading sessions are based around Reciprocal Reading techniques and each session will focus on an explicit skill linked to an age appropriate Reading objective. In KS1 reading sessions are 30 minutes and pupils are taught in smaller groups, led by an adult. In KS2 reading sessions are 45 minutes for a whole class Guided Reading approach, which cover a range of age appropriate fiction, non-fiction texts and poems. Reading is further promoted through the half termly lead texts in each year group which is used as a stimulus for Writing and Theme lessons. The school uses Rigby and Oxford Reading Tree schemes.



The National Curriculum