Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term   Dinosaurs, Celebrations

Spring Term  Ahoy me hearties!,    Fearsome Fire-breathers

Summer Term  Beside the Seaside,   Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Knowledge Organiser  Y1 Dinosaurs

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term  In the Dark, Dark, House,   The Time Machine

Spring Term   Magic in the Big Top,  Jet, Set, Go

Summer Term  Oh Noble Subjects,  The Secret Garden

Knowledge Organiser  Year 2 Guy Fawkes

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term  Tomb Raider,  Deepest Darkest Peru

Spring Term  What a Wonderful World!  Back to the 80s

Summer Term  Ee By Gum!,   Invasion

Knowledge Organisers Year 3 Ancient Egypt

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term   Scrumdiddlyumptious,  Step into the Wardrobe

Spring Term   Scavengers and Settlers,   The Amazing Amazon

Summer Term  Disaster!,  Groovy Greeks

Knowledge Orgainsers  Year 4 Chocolate   Y4 Science States of Matter

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term  To Infinity and Beyond,  Expelliarmus!

Spring Term  Evacuate!

Summer Term  Kensuke’s Kingdom,   Holes

Knowledge Organisers  Year 5 North America  Year 5 Space  Year 5 World War 2

Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term   The Hobbit,  Conflict

Spring Term  Iceberg Ahead!,  Secret Agent

Summer Term   Let the Games Begin!, Wonderful Me

Knowledge Organisers   Year 6 Hobbit Theme