Attendance Information

Recording Attendance

Learner attendance and punctuality is recorded electronically using SIMS.  Pupils are recorded daily in the morning session and the afternoon session

Registers will close 20 minutes after the main session begins and the registers are taken. As a result learners registering after 9:05am and 1:20pm for Key Stage One – 1:35pm for Key Stage Two will be marked as a U and given an unauthorised absence mark.

Absence Guide

  • Day 1 of absence – Inform the school before 9:00am of the reason and expected date of return of your Any medical advice given or visits made.
  • Day 3 of absence – Update the school on your child’s progress, any medical advice given and confirmation of when your child will return to school especially if the condition
  • Day 5 onward Update school on your child’s progress Medical evidence will be requested for five days of absence or more.

To report a school absence please either call us on 846171 or leave an answerphone message if before 8:30am. Alternatively you can email our Attendance Officer or the school office.

Medical Appointments (Hospital, Doctors, Dentist, Opticians etc.)– if your child is absent due to a medical appointment, you will be required to provide an appointment card or letter from the practice in advance if possible, or alternatively, medical appointment cards are available from the school office.

Leave of Absence Requests

Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances Request Form

Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances Guidance